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Your Pet’s Vision Loss Could Indicate More Serious Health Issues

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To a poet, the eyes are a window to the soul. For doctors, eyes provide deep deep insights into a patient’s health. This is especially important for animals because they are biologically engineered to hide so many of their maladies. But you don’t need to be a veterinarian to understand why vision loss might indicate something far more serious.

For instance, vision loss can indicate an animal has high blood pressure, kidney failure, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. All of which can be treated, or prevented, if caught early, for instance, by simple diagnostics such as a glaucoma screening. In animals, just as in humans, cataracts can be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. Squinting or excessive tear staining are often indicators of pain and increased intra-ocular pressure.

There is no reason why your beloved family pet should have to suffer from untreated ocular diseases when there are many simple and non-invasive diagnostic tests that can detect and diagnose disease early in our family pets. However, many pet owners overlook glaucoma, and other eye diseases, because they think these are just part of growing old. This is simply not true. The next time you stare your pet in the eyes, think about what they are showing you.

If your pet is experiencing vision loss, call CEDARCREST Animal Clinic at 540-943-7577 to schedule an appointment.

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