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Your Cat May Hiding A Kidney Disease

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Kidney disease is a leading cause of death in older cats. However, most cats will not show ANY outward signs of this problem until the cat has lost almost all of its kidney function. What’s more, conventional tests for renal disease in cats cannot detect a problem until almost 70% of the kidneys are not functioning properly! This means, right now, your cat can have kidney disease or is slowly developing a kidney problem.

Luckily, veterinary science has recently developed a test that detects kidney disease much earlier than was possible before.  The appropriately named Early Renal Disease Test uses a simple urine sample to identify small amounts of a certain protein. This protein is present only when the kidneys are underperforming. Exactly why the kidneys are underperforming is something the test cannot know. Since all blood is filtered through the kidneys, the kidneys are constantly exposed to any number of potential substances that cause damage, infections or disease from other parts of the body. For instance, the cat may have been exposed to a toxin that gave it kidney damage, or it could have developed any number of kidney diseases. Even Dental Disease can damage the kidneys by constantly exposing the kidneys to the same bacteria that is causing your cat’s bad breath!

Once your veterinarian has established that your cat has something wrong with its kidneys, they will use a variety of other medical detective tricks to narrow down the exact cause. The most important thing for you, the owner, is to bring your cat in for regular checkups—cats older than 8-years-old should come to the vet twice a year! Being able to detect any renal damage earlier in the course of the disease gives your cat a better chance to begin therapy and treatment. This early detection also helps the veterinarian to assess and detect any other disease or condition that may be the cause of the kidney problem. Once your cat is on a therapeutic plan specific to its condition, the veterinarian will monitor how well the plan is working using the same ERD test that discovered the problem in the first place.

Don’t let “hidden” conditions affect the health of your cat and to surprise you with a problem that could have been detected early. Call CEDARCREST Animal Clinic at 540-943-7577 and schedule a kidney test for your cat today.

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