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Does My Ferret, Rabbit, Chinchilla, or Sugar Glider Need an Annual Checkup?

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Small, furry mammals might always seem the picture of health. Then, all of a sudden, they get very sick. Sadly, these unexpected illnesses often lead to untimely deaths.

This is because exotic mammal species like mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits are prey species in the wild. This means it is instinct for them to hide their symptoms—predators will target animals that let their weakness show. Ironically, this prevents many owners from saving their pets’ lives, because they won’t show symptoms until they are very sick, with irreversible conditions. This means it is very important to schedule regular veterinarian visits for exotic pets. Clinicians are specially trained to detect medical conditions. This means owners can begin to treat illnesses before they become life-threatening.

Often, the early detection begins with a complete physical examination by one of our veterinarians. If any indication of an abnormality is present, it is frequently necessary to localize the abnormality, especially if it is internal. This can be accomplished by various blood tests to detect internal disease and, if our pets (mice) are too small to draw an adequate amount of blood for testing, diagnostic imaging such as X-rays are often utilized.

Because therapy for any exotic pet can be tedious, time-consuming and, at times, stressful to the pet as well as the owner, it becomes even more important to try to maintain the health of the pet. Economically, maintaining a healthy pet is always less expensive than hospitalization, diagnostics and therapy for a sick pet. In addition to the physical examination, our doctors will discuss husbandry and diet information to assist in keeping your pet healthy and happy for life!

CEDARCREST Animal Clinic is the Shenandoah Valley’s premier treatment center for exotic pets. Call 540-943-7577 to schedule a checkup.

CEDARCREST Animal Clinic provides medical and surgical care for every stage of your pet's life including preventive wellness care exams and vaccines, spays/neuters, and a variety of specialized care for your dog, cat, avian, or exotic. We are home to the only veterinarian practitioner in Virginia to be double Boarded in Avian and Canine/Feline care and provide care for birds, small mammals, and reptiles of all sorts! Plus, we are home to Virginia's most exclusive dog boarding resort that includes heated floors, an expansive play area, and even webcams so you can watch your pet while you're away. We're located in Fishersville, Virginia, and serve Augusta County and surrounding areas including Waynesboro, Staunton, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville. 

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