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CEDARCREST Animal Clinic Boarding Now Requires Kennel Cough Vaccination

Dogs, Infectious Diseases

Beginning in January 2020, CEDARCREST Animal Clinic & Pet Resort will require all our canine boarding guests to be vaccinated for Bordetella disease, which is also known as kennel cough. We strive to ensure our boarding facility is safe and healthy home away from home for all our guests.

This decision was made in concert with the American Animal Hospital Association’s latest recommendations on vaccination protocols.

What is Bordetella?

Bordetella causes violent coughing in dogs. This painful condition typically lasts between three and six weeks, and can lead to more dangerous issues — like pneumonia.

As its nickname suggests, “Kennel cough” spreads easily from dogs kept in close conditions. This means boarding facilities, doggy day cares, along with dog parks, grooming facilities, and walks are all common ways to catch Bordetella.

What causes Bordetella?

Similar to the flu, Bordatella has many associated microbial strains and mutations. Seven different viruses and two types of bacteria cause Bordetella. The most common are the Bordetella bacteria, and the parainfluenza virus. Each year veterinary researchers develop a new vaccine based on which strain(s) they suspect will be the most prevalent.

What is the Bordetella vaccine?

Luckily, Bordetella is easy to protect against. CEDARCREST Animal Clinic & Pet Resort uses a nasal spray vaccine. It protects against both the bacterial and viral forms of the condition.

How safe is the vaccine?

Just like the flu shot does not guarantee you won’t get the flu, and a Bordetella vaccination it does not guarantee your dog won’t get kennel cough. However, dogs vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine tend to have a less severe form of the condition, and they recover faster. They are also far less likely to progress to pneumonia.

We put a lot of consideration into this decision, and made the change to provide the best possible home-away-from-home for your pet.
Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule your pet for vaccination.

CEDARCREST Animal Clinic provides medical and surgical care for every stage of your pet's life including preventive wellness care exams and vaccines, spays/neuters, and a variety of specialized care for your dog, cat, avian, or exotic. We are home to the only veterinarian practitioner in Virginia to be double Boarded in Avian and Canine/Feline care and provide care for birds, small mammals, and reptiles of all sorts! Plus, we are home to Virginia's most exclusive dog boarding resort that includes heated floors, an expansive play area, and even webcams so you can watch your pet while you're away. We're located in Fishersville, Virginia, and serve Augusta County and surrounding areas including Waynesboro, Staunton, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville. 

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