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When Should I Bring My Bird to the Veterinarian?

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Birds, although kept as pets, naturally still maintain some of their instinctive wild behavior. This becomes extremely important when an owner is trying to determine the health of their bird. In the wild, birds “hide their symptoms” even though they may be sick or injured. This is because the sick birds in the wild are more prone to be attacked by predators so, no matter if they are actually sick, birds are biologically programmed to appear healthy. Pet birds will also exhibit this behavior which can make it difficult for their owners to realize that there is something wrong. By the time a bird appears sick to an owner the bird usually has been having problems for awhile.

We often hear, erroneously, that a bird must be feeling OK because he/she looks OK. This is not always true because sometimes a bird can have serious problems and still look OK. Even when the veterinarian performs the physical examination, the bird will do its best to not show all its problems. Your veterinarian can examine eyes, ears, nares, oral cavity, body condition, heart and lungs and air sacs, feet and feather condition. However, even with a complete external physical examination, the internal workings of your bird can only be assessed via blood tests which will evaluate liver, kidney, blood sugar levels, electrolytes, as well as, red and white blood cells counts. These values need to be evaluated on a yearly basis at a minimum. If abnormalities are detected, your veterinarian can help determine the frequency of repeat evaluations.

It is always sad when a bird gets ill, or worse, dies from a disease that could have been detected and treated. Bird owners should realize this detection often requires blood tests to determine the true nature of the problem.

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