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Celebrate Safely: Most Pets Run Away On 4th of July

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Independence Day means fireworks. And although we want to include our pets in our celebrations, we should be conscious of how the noise and the lights impact their safety. The sudden loud noises can spook any animal and, with the other commotion around, any pet can take off down the road. According to an ASPCA survey, more animals run away during the 4th of July holidays than at any other time. Even obedient pets may be confused and could end up running into the road and traffic.

Make sure you secure your home and property prior to the night’s festivities. If you can bring your pet indoors, do it, and make them a soft, cozy hiding spot in a quiet room using a cardboard box and blankets. If your pet is going to be outdoors, get it microchipped. Many spooked animals lose their collars and ID tags.

Aside from the noise, leftover firecrackers and other fireworks can be dangerous if ingested by a pet. Other foods and beverages around this holiday season, can also have adverse effects if ingested in abnormal quantities. Alcohol, greasy food and other tasty treats can ruin a celebration when your pet ingests too much and needs to be rushed to the veterinarian.

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CEDARCREST Animal Clinic Boarding Now Requires Kennel Cough Vaccination

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