Decoding Dog Food: Guidelines for Good Canine Nutrition

As anyone who has taken a stroll down the pet food aisle may have noticed, there is an almost overwhelming number of dog food choices. The veterinarians at CEDARCREST Animal Clinic recommend choosing a high-quality brand and food variety that is appropriate for your pet, whether they are a puppy, adult, senior, or have other dietary requirements for their health.

Most high-quality brands will list feeding recommendations on the bag, which is a good starting point, but every dog’s energy needs are different. If you are having difficulty keeping your pet at a healthy weight, it is recommend that you schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to establish an individualized weight loss plan.

If your pet is healthy and provided a high-quality dog food, we often do not recommend any dietary supplements because many dog food companies do extensive research to ensure your pet’s food is nutritionally complete.  Some dogs are more sensitive to their diets and can even develop allergies to different foods. If your dog is showing signs of food allergies, such as itchy skin or watery eyes, contact your veterinarian or CEDARCREST Animal Clinic for an allergy consultation.

If you are looking for a good treat for your dog, we recommend going for low-calorie options. A portion of your dog’s daily kibble allowance can also be used as a treat, which should reduce the size of their main meal, but is a healthy alternative to extra treats. Instead of extra treats, try showing your dog extra attention when they beg for food.  We tend to believe that your dog prefers the love and playful exercise over a treat that disappears in one gulp!


CEDARCREST Animal Clinic provides medical and surgical care for every stage of your pet’s life including preventive wellness care exams and vaccines, spays/neuters, and a variety of specialized care for your dog, cat, avian, or exotic. We are home to the only veterinarian practitioner in Virginia to be double Boarded in Avian and Canine/Feline care and provide care for birds, small mammals, and reptiles of all sorts! Plus, we are home to Virginia’s most exclusive dog boarding resort that includes heated floors, an expansive play area, and even webcams so you can watch your pet while you’re away. We’re located in Fishersville, Virginia, and serve Augusta County and surrounding areas including Waynesboro, Staunton, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville. 

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Hemi did a great job helping us man the front desk this morning! 😆Image attachment

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Please spread the word! Mello was LOST on May 12 2019 in Staunton, VA 24401 Near Old Greenville Rd, Staunton, VA, USA

Message from Owner: Please if you see my sweet baby, let me know. He is very loved and well taken care of. He is just timid with strange places and I know he is so scared. It was raining so hard when he was lost, I haven’t slept I’m so worried about him. Please share, or if you see him call me 540-241-4279

Description: Mello is a red mini goldendoodle. Very sweet and calm. Very afraid of strange places. He is in tact still weighs about 25 lbs. He is now shaved down with fluffy tail and hair on top of head and face, his color has faded some but still red.

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